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My Mission to help empower others to take control of their health and, by extension, their quality of life through plant based nutrition.   Studio Veg is here to make vegan cooking delicious and doable!

About Sharon

Greetings!   My name is Sharon Jacks and I am passionate about Cooking, Eating, Sharing, and Teaching vegan cuisine.  I have worked 30 years in the healthcare industry and have seen firsthand the devastating illness and disabilities that are the result of our Standard American Diet (SAD!)  Additionally, members of my own family have suffered from cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline- all diseases which have, in many cases, been associated with a diet heavy in meat, dairy, and processed foods.  

A vegan for 27 years, I have enjoyed vibrant health, and youthful energy as a result of this lifestyle, and I now am committed to sharing what I have learned through the years with others.  I continue to grow my education in this arena: I am certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the Cornell Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies,  I am a PCRM Certified Food for Life Instructor, and have a plant-based Chef certification from the Rouxbe school of cooking. Additionally, I hold a certification in Diet and Lifestyle Intervention through Wellness Forum Health in Cleveland, OH and am a Health and Wellness Coach through Emory University.  I love learning and want to make sure all the information I relay is accurate and research based.

So welcome to Studio Veg-  I hope you find the website informative and enjoyable.  If you have suggestions please send them my way.  I hope to meet you in a class soon!   

By the way, all the photography and videos on this site are by my incredibly talented husband.  Check out his website at  Yes, he's a vegan too!

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